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NEXT Proteins was established when David Jenkins combined his passion for sports and academic knowledge to create the highest quality whey protein supplements designed to enhance the life of the consumer. From the very beginning, NEXT Proteins has been committed to excellence, delivering only the best-tasting, health-minded products in the industry.

Since 1991, NEXT Proteins has led the development of one of the industry's best selling proteins, Designer Whey, which powers the company's innovative, great tasting products such as Designer Whey Protein powders and the first protein candy bars - DETOUR and U-TURN. Under Mr. Jenkins direction, NEXT Proteins has become a leader in the protein industry, pioneering the manufacture of some of the most successful whey protein products in the U.S. Recognized as an authority on the many advantages of whey-based products, NEXT Proteins is one of the largest contributors to furthering research on whey. The company has invested more than $6.7 million in whey research and clinical testing over the past 15 years.