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Muscle Milk protein review by CytoSport
Muscle Milk by CytoSport
List Price: $48.49
Our Price: $33.45
Muscle Milk 4.96 lbs By Cytosport
List Price: $106.99
Our Price: $62.95
CytoSport Products for Endurance Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Regular exercise is a necessary component of a healthy, fit lifestyle. But as any competitive endurance athlete or dedicated fitness enthusiast knows, the exhilaration of frequent exercise can easily lead to exhaustion and burnout - if you don't make healthy lifestyle choices in several areas, especially diet. In fact, much of the fatigue you notice in daily life and after workouts may be related to poor dietary habits.

Your interest in CytoSport indicates a serious commitment to your athletic performance, recovery rate, energy levels and body composition. While a nutritious whole foods diet forms the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and successful endurance performances, a customized supplementation program can help you recover from life and exercise stress quickly, maintain ideal bodyweight, bolster your immune system, enjoy high daily energy levels and avoid common pitfalls like overtraining and burnout.

Supplements can help at times when consuming healthy whole foods is impractical or in conflict with a successful workout as described below.

Following is a brief overview of the various products and categories we offer and how they can benefit you.

Cytomax provides hydration, steady burning calories, electrolytes and performance enhancers during exercise - so you don't bonk, dehydrate, or succumb to lactic acid burn.

Cytomax Pre-Formance gives your body easily digestible calories and performance agents that you can drink right before you exercise without the risk of digestive distress that comes from solid foods. Starting every workout with a full tank can aid performance in workouts over 30 minutes, speed recovery time and help regulate appetite in the hours after your workout.

Cytomax Gulp 'N Go provides a quick and convenient boost of energy and performance agents for extended training.

Cytomax Recovery provides a concentrated, easily digestible source of nutrients designed specifically for recovery from sustained exercise, helping you restore muscle glycogen levels and rebuild broken down muscle tissue. Starting the recovery process during that crucial one-hour 'Window of Opportunity' after exercise allows you to absorb and benefit from your training instead of breakdown.

Dietary Supplement:
Complete Whey Protein provides an easy-to-digest concentrated source of high quality whey protein to ensure your daily protein requirements are met - and at a fraction of the calories and fat that comes when consuming whole food protein sources.