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Vitamin C
Alacer Corp., based in Foothill Ranch, CA, develops, manufactures and markets vitamin supplements. Alacer is a world leader in vitamin C innovations. The company develops Vitamin C products in the form of mineral ascorbates, the “real Vitamin C,” which when compared to traditional Vitamin C products have increased health benefits and no adverse side effects.

Since Vitamin C is an acid (ascorbic acid) which can irritate the kidneys, bladder and intestines, side effects associated with Vitamin C intake in large doses include heartburn, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea. Researchers have found that ascorbic acid was really just an intermediary form of the vitamin and that in the form of mineral ascorbates it could provide all of the health benefits with none of the side effects. Mineral ascorbates are produced naturally by most animals (but not humans), yet when consumed regularly by humans serve as excellent transporters of Vitamin C to the over 70 trillion cells in the body. Mineral ascorbates have additional benefits, including increased energy, improved vision and reduced susceptibility to the common cold.


Jay Patrick, founder, president & CEO of Alacer first became interested in Vitamin C over 30 years ago. At age 58, Patrick began researching mineral ascorbates and using them in various supplements. In 1972, Alacer Corp. was established to begin developing Vitamin C products focusing on the “real Vitamin C,” mineral ascorbates.

Mineral ascorbates, the true Vitamin C, are produced naturally in the livers of 99.9% of all animals, but not in humans. Vitamin C, in the form of mineral ascorbates, has countless advantages over pure ascorbic acid. Mineral ascorbates are neutral (non-acidic) and have no adverse side effects, unlike high levels of ascorbic acid which may cause heartburn, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, and excess urination, inducing loss of minerals. Most health seekers are unaware that ascorbic acid is only an intermediate form of Vitamin C. What they really need are seven fully reacted mineral ascorbates found only in Alacer products.

Since its introduction in 1978, Alacer’s Emer'gen-C effervescent drink mix has become the largest selling Vitamin C in the health food industry. High in Potassium, Emer'gen-C provides a powerful antioxidant to the 70 trillion cells in the body along with a full complement of B Vitamins and 32 mineral complexes that replenish valuable electrolytes.