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Nutrition Bars
The Colorado Baking Company plant has been operating since 1965. Its Peak Bar products have been designed by people with a passion for making bakery products that both delivers specific performance benefits and taste great.

Peak Bar was created in 1999 by Bob Fritz, an avid bicyclist. He wanted to create a "good tasting" version of the early power bars. Alfred Hiltbrunner, an employee and Master Baker at Kirschnerís Bakery (a forerunner of Colorado Baking Company) in Colorado Springs was a member of Bobís local cycling club and a former Swiss National Cycling Champion. Bob talked to Alfred about a baked energy bar that tasted good. Alfred loved the idea and created the original Peak Bar Energy Bars and Protein Bars. In late 2000, Steve Beaman tasted these products and purchased as part of the Company.

Colorado Baking enjoyed many Biking enthusiasts as customers. Dr. Ed Burke, a very well respected professor of Sports Fitness at Colorado University became involved and believed that Peak was "the best in the category" and that all it needed was distribution and all would be well. Distribution followed at Paceline Products and Trek Bicycle Shops.

Steve also convinced Hornungís Golf Products, the nations largest golf distributor, to carry Peak Bars. Bob Hornung tasted the product said: "This is a fantastic product we can do wonders with". Bob has since commented that we had a "wonderbar" as it had helped a diabetic colleague of his greatly improve performance during his workday because he doesnít "crash" anymore.

Energy and Protein Bars were the sole focus of Peak Bar until June 2003. However Steveís family was expanding faster than Colorado Bakingís sales. After the arrival of Steve and Jenniferís fifth child, Steve was determined that his growing family should have healthier eating choices. And, these food choices also had to taste great or Steve would have his hands full with unhappy kids! Steve and Alfred got together to create a Kids product that had a wide range of important vitamins and minerals as well as protein and fiber with much less sugar than other kid convenience foods. Thus a Peak Bar for Kids was created in 3 kid tested flavors.

Jennifer had just finished her sixth pregnancy and during that pregnancy, she experienced serious nausea so it was difficult for her she to eat as she should for her and the babyís health. Pregnant Moms are supposed to eat small portions six times daily so these portions had to have proper nutrition. The ideal foods for pregnant Moms would also help them keep excess weight off. Steve and Alfred huddled again to create a product that was low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-calorie and tasted better than anything we had. In short Ė a perfect snack for Jennifer. Steve and Jennifer brainstormed about a name and we kept thinking "itís not an energy bar; itís not limited to any specific occasions, itís for your life". Thus came the name, Peak Bar for Life.

All Peak Bar products have been created from an intense personal desire to improve the lives of friends, family and loved ones by providing food choices that are both healthy and great tasting. We at Colorado Baking Company hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.