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Read below what past customers have said about our service, selection, and prices.

> The Rock (Actor, Pro Wrestler)
> "Forget that popular retail store!"
> "Great Internet experience!"
> "You care about Military customers."
> "Been a customer for 5 years."

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The Rock (Actor, Pro Wrestler)

Autographed picture of The Rock given to Nutrition Discounters.

To Nutrition Discounters:

"Thank you for all your help with the great product, "Walk Tall!' "

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Her Response: "Forget that popular retail store!"

Nutrition Discounters,

I just had to write to you and say how much I love your products (you carry everything) and your prices (they can't be beat!!!) We have been buying HydroxyCut and numerous other MuscleTech products for quite some time at our local [popular retail] store...and have paid top dollar for it all thinking we were paying a good price. NOT!

I can't believe your unbeatable prices!!! We love you guys!!! Ordering from you is easy, fast, and selection is perfect! I can't say enough about you!! All of our friends will now be taking their business from [popular retail store] and bringing it to you!! Keep up the great work!!

Thanks so much,

Tracy S.

Her Response: "Great Internet experience!"

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to send this e-mail because so often as the head of a company I am sure you hear a lot about the negative things that happen and not the positive. I found your company to be very professional in every way- the web site, the order confirmation, the follow-up letter, the timely manner of arrival, etc.

Over the last year I have ordered my share of products over the Internet. And I do have good stories and also bad stories. But your company of all really impressed me. The timely manner in which my product arrived was great. Plus, the prices you offer are some of the best. Thank you for a wonderful product and Internet experience. I will definitely be doing business with you on my next health supplement purchase.

Thank you,

Katherine M.

His Response: "You care about Military customers."

It's very nice to see someone delivering to APO address'. Most American companies, nowadays, disregard our military when they're not stationed in the states. My items arrived sooner than expected and in good condition. My order was what I wanted. Thanks again!!! Keep up the good work!!

Brian G.
Thule AB, Greenland

His Response: "Been a customer for 5 years."

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you for the letter of thanks and wonderful job you and your employees do at Nutrition Discounters. I have been a customer for about 5 years and never have I had any complaints or problems with your service or products.

For me, one of the things I like about your company is the friendly service. I can take my business anywhere, but I refuse to do business with anyone who does not act in a friendly nice manner- and your people are always very nice and friendly.

I don't like to be pushed into something or made to hurry up and your people always have patience and a friendly attitude. The great service, friendly employees, and low prices are why I will probably remain a customer for many years to come.


Scott F.

Nutrition Discounters is the best when it comes to prices and product. They are never out of stock on any product and there prices are always competitive. By far the best when it comes to nutrition supplements.

From: Jermaine

Location/State: Aurora, IL

Thank you for the excellent service you have provided for each and every order. I can always count on a speedy delivery of every order. Also, thanks for the CD, "How to Live Longer and Feel Better." Wishing you continued success in the Nutrition field.


Margie C.

Dear Mr. Gruskovak:

I just received my first order from your company, which included your note asking for feedback and which included signatures of the salesperson, picker and packer for my order. Jeff, I have a couple of comments.

First, I've ordered similar items (bodybuilding supplements & accessories, herbal products) from a number of online companies before. The products you offer are all high quality and at very competitive prices.

Second, your shipping--five bucks seemingly no matter how many items I was ordering--is a bargain.

Third, the e-mails letting me know my order was received, then that it was shipped, were very helpful and timely.

Finally, it was less than a week from the time I ordered the products to when they arrived. I am very favorably impressed. Particularly in that the last time I ordered lifting gloves from an online company, it took no less than six weeks for them to arrive. Not to mention there were no replies to e-mails (and phone messages) I sent requesting information on shipping information and whether they had received my order.

Keep it up.

Lloyd N. (Pacific Grove, CA)

Nutrition Discounters has supplied me with healthy supplements since 1997. I'm now 33 years old and I'm the strongest and most muscular I've ever been in my life. I can contribute a lot of this success to what Nutrition Discounters has to offer - great products at economical prices, fast delivery, exceptional customer service, and a place to buy advantageous nutrients . I recommend Nutrition Discounters to everyone who buys supplements or is thinking about buying them. Thanks, Nutrition Discounters!

Name:: Steve S.
Location/State:: Chicago/IL

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